Who we are?

Prize4Life is a non-profit organization, founded and managed by ALS patients who have assumed
the responsibility for fighting the disease and for impacting the destiny of future patients.
Prize4Life’s mission is to accelerate the discovery of treatments and a cure for ALS by using powerful
incentives to attract new minds, new people, and drive innovation. More information here.
Prize4life works on this project with several partners

Why should you use the ALS Mobile Analyzer app?

The ALS Mobile Analyzer app project aims to revolutionize ALS monitoring by switching from in-clinic monitoring by an ALS professional to personal monitoring by ALS patients during their daily life. The goal of the ALS Mobile Analyzer app project is to develop a tool that tracks ALS effortlessly, accurately and objectively. This tool will allow critical development in our understanding of how ALS progresses, to drive new and important ALS research, and to
transform our ability to assess how new treatments affect patients. If you want to expedite the treatment of ALS,
you should participate, and do that often!
If you are an ALS patient, the ALS Mobile Analyzer app can also help you track your own disease status and improve your clinical care with your clinician. We have launched a clinical care initiative (currently in beta stages for patients in Israel) that allows patients whose clinicians are part of the program, to share alerts regarding their clinical status with their clinicians to keep them informed and to assure the best and fastest clinical care.

How can I download the app?

Currently the app is available for Android devices only.
Open the Google Play Store and search for “ALS Mobile Analyzer” or go here.

Who shall I contact if I have a technical problem?

For any problem you face using the app or if you wish to provide feedback about the use of the app,
please contact us at: ALS_analyzer@prize4life.org