Additional Contributors – Thank You!

The ALS Mobile Analyzer came to life with the help and knowledge of many people who kindly shared their experience, insights and expertise to benefit ALS patients.

Those include:

SAP volunteers: Limor Erez, Michael Glaun, Meirav Daniel, Yossi Balan, Nelly Freid, Fay Khazanov-Pal, Guy Roth and Adi Eshet

TOM:NZRT: Ari Sprung, Andrej Boleslavsky, Pali Dacanay, Yuval Naveh, Harry Rubenstein, Ziv Lazar, Sefi Attias, Arnon Zamir and Naama Baor

TOM:TLV: Gil Meiri, Sapir Caduri, Max Aizenshtad, vitaly Bukhovsky, Ilya Frumson, Max Trosman, Dafna Gluskin, Lavi Secundo and Lior Haviv

Guy Rozenwald
Yonatan Zur
Prof. Jeff Hausdorff
Dr. Shahar Cohen
Shahar Shpigelman
Prof. Sara Rosenblum
Dr. Naomi Schreuer
Dr. Jason Friedman
Dr. Ditza Gross
Dr. Yael Manor
Dr. Uri Nevo
Yadid Ayzenberg
Dr. Andrew Trister
Danny Weissberg
Afik Gal
Hani Neuvirth-Telem
Emanuel Nahon
Nishchal Deshpande
Orit Grinstein

Omri Hotam, Gal Sont and Lior Nir – for the valuable feedback
Roni Pines Eilat- For designing this website

A special thanks to of the People with ALS who took the time and downloaded the app.
You are bringing us closer to a cure for ALS.